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Andhra Pradesh is rich in flora and fauna. There has been a great distribution of rock climbing areas here in AP. There are various places in Andhra Pradesh, India, where overcoming challenges of rock climbing or bouldering can prove to be difficult. 

Peak of the rock 
Hyderabad is one such place. It is blessed with so many beautiful rocky areas, specifically for the adventurous tourists. If you are looking for rock climbing on rocks with not so much predefined routes then you should try this in and round Hyderabad. This city, known for unique landscape, is dotted with so many rocks especially in suburban areas. These areas can said to be treasure trove for the true adventurers.

Conquering the most mighty peaks will truly be a great feeling and the real taste of success can best be received when you reach your target via a route, beset with so many difficulties. Here are mountainous areas which will stunningly spellbind the adventurers or those who are passionate about bouldering or chimney climbing or rock climbing. 

This city has attracted a lot of rock climbers across India and rock climbers from many other parts of the globe. Professional rock climbers have even tagged some rocks boulders with varying difficultly level rocky places round Shamirpet, Durgam Cheruvu, Kondamadude, Maniyamkonda, Malkam cheruvu etc.

Hilly places like Moula Ali Hill, Yadagiri Gutta, Bonagiri, Kondaveedu Fort, Kondamadugu, Khadm-e- Rasool Hill, Ammuguda etc have been labeled as the best of the climbing areas here in and around Hyderabad where hills ranging from 200ft to 500ft poses a challenge for professional adventurers to carry on repelling and climbing activities.  

The Society to save rocks has identified many rocky sites under the Huda Heritage Regulation and has even named some of the best rocks as Mushroom Rock, Toadstool, Obelisk, Cliff Rock, Tortoise Rock, Sentinel Rock etc. Even Hyderabadis, local citizens here, have also taken steps to express their deep love and admiration for rock preservation. One can even see rocks inside houses, used solely for decoration. Of course, even since Mughal days rocks have been used for royal kotha(s). 

Many organizations and clubs have even started adventure activities for trekkers who would like to learn rock climbing, bouldering etc. One of the most renowned club is GHAC – Greater Hyderabad Adventure Club. They conduct many adventurous activities like repelling, trekking, chimney climbing in and round this beautiful place, Hyderabad.  

Many IT professionals are showing their interest in joining or participating in regular adventure activities to come out from their boredom or mental tension to boost up their confidence level to face challenges in life.

For rock climbing and rock mounting activities Hyderabad is simply the best place. If you are looking for the most thrilling experience or would like to put your strength and concentration to test then you can come here.   

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