Dudhsagar railway track walking

Spending a night listening to the soulful sound of the rain droplets at Dudhsagar waterfalls 

Heartily and infinite amount of thanks to GHAC and assistant organizer: Dr. Shri and Rohit padyal for organizing “Dudhsagar Railway Trek.” I had been thinking of visiting this place for the past one and half year but had not been able to make it to that place owing to some bunch of reasons.  However, I eventually got the opportunity to walk some 14 kilometers on a railway track to reach exquisitely beautiful place: Dudhsagar.  

Dudhsagar is the fifth largest water fall in India. It is a place which is quiet captivating and enthralling. It is brimful of flora and fauna. The tunnel, built during the times of British India, has a considerably narrow passage to pass on from there. Time spent here can bring anyone closer to nature as the place is naturally more beautiful.

We began our journey from Kachiguda Railway Station here from Hyderabad. There were some twenty people in number, belonging to different parts of the local city, Hyderabad. The most interesting thing is we were just unknown or stranger to one another.  

A journey to the nature
Our two-day journey through the railway track has now truly become the most memorable journey in our lives.  The trip was made successful with help and support from each and everyone who were a part of the trek. Yeshwantpur train took us from the polluted places on our way during the journey and eventually brought us closer to that part of the place which was just blessed with natural beauty and wonder of the nature. It actually led us to the most natural resources of the nature (castle rock station). 

As soon as we came out of the station and walked a few steps on the railway track of Dudhsagar, a wind blowing around us, gestured at the presence of the beauty we were going to view and cage in our heart and mind. A beautifully built British house, covered with the green grass looked much more stunning. The track finally led us into the dark tunnel which seemed to frighten us.

Walking into the Nature
After crossing the first tunnel, the rain falling there quietly drenched us to the skin. We felt more pleasant as the rain water-droplets falling on us like the flowers being showered. The beautiful view of the waterfall, which looked like the intoxicated dance. The typical sound of the water flowing through the forest and the sound of the wind is constructing a beautiful melody, the stone on the railway track looks like a Green carpet :) which gave us a feeling of closer to nature.
We were all just perceiving the music and enjoying it fully, walking joyfully on the railway track. We tried to capture the best views of the nature to create memories of our journey. Eventually, after crossing few tunnels, we reached Karangol Station.

We were walking….walking and walking, the climate got bore with our walking faces and intermittent rains started hitting on us, stones are pricking, adjoining forest has deep drop but, the moving goods trains, singing its own soulful song, encouraged us to move forward and forward to reach the place during the day light. Few teams came from Bangalore and Chennai and they were far before of us and we were worrying of the camp site.

Dudhsagar Waterfall
After our continuous, five-hour walk, we reached the most stunning Dudhsagar Waterfall. Reaching there near to the water fall, we had to locate the best place for camping. We camped right in front of the water fall. Throughout the night, it was drizzling and we could hear the sound of the waterfall and moving trains.. The sound of the dripping water didn’t let us sleep but we were all delightful to have been closer to the nature-place. 

 Sun came up in the sky and a new day began:
Next day, we all woke up very earlier in the morning and started funnier modeling in front of the water falls. The place was quite covered with fog and it feel like water falling from the sky.

Got back into the busy-world again:
Back Into The Busy Business World
We started back and reached Londa Station and waited for some time there. We were all ready to catch the train to Hyderabad. But, our fun was not stopped at dudhsagar. We look kids in front of the dudhsagar waterfall and we continued the same behavior in train playing fun games like red hands, scratching fingers, passing words etc and broke off the monotonousness of the long journey by cracking jokes too. 
How we reached?
Train is connected to castle rock station. It is 14kms from Dudhsagar. We took Yeshwantpur train from Hyderabad and from their trek through railway track.

Local train is available at 9 Pm from Dudhsagar, leaves at Londa junction, from their we have two trains to Hyderabad

Best Season to visit:
Monsoon is the best time to enjoy the waterfall and flora and fauna,
summer could be dry with low water flow

Food and Restaurants:
There is no restaurant at Dudhsagar or at other nearest places.
Things to bring: rain sheet, torch light and food.


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