Heritage Marathon

My run to Hyderabad Heritage sites

10k run foundation rewinds us to the 400 years back to the Nizam city.  I am first timer to participate heritage run. I have started my running practices 10 days before the event date. I have concentrated much on Kilometers running without doing any stretches before, after run and badly suffered with knees injury. I know Hyderabad runners conducting regular events for all but that time my foolishness not to chosen them. 

Finally, Hours left to start half marathon to the Nizam city and still a little pain in my knees. I have taken medicine, advice from my colleagues and experience runners for better run.  I don’t want to miss the event and the medal for the runners and also never get the chance to run, jog and walk on to road side of the Nazim constructed buildings, shopping malls, pillars, tombs, forts which are remarkable and recognized by the name of Hyderabad to the world.

I have aimed to complete the 20 Km heritage run at any cost and mentally decided not to drop in between. I have woke-up early morning and catch the bus from Paradise circle organized by Hyderabad heritage marathon. We have reached to the four mahal (Chowmohalla Palace) at 4:30AM and I was wondering the craziness of 100’s of people concern towards fitness and Hyderabad heritage. I was never expected people participate from different states and country ofcourse they were encouraged by the winning price and historical monuments pulled them to Hyderabad marathon.

I was inspired by seeing elders to participate with us and I am a seed in front of their running experience. However, flag off at 5AM for Full marathon 40km run and we still have got 30minutes left to start half marathon. I am stretching myself according to my knowledge to get set out off the pain. Mrs. Danaz came on the stage and all followed her few stretchers before we start. A seconds counted to start Half marathon and I am somewhere in between of 100’s of people with enthusiastic to explore more than 400 year old city. 

Flag off….We were all run with lots of energy and enthusiasm to reach the end point and I am on my own joy of running to explore the city. From Chowmahalla palace running towards Charminar through the street lanes found few old houses which might be constructed at the time of Nizam’s. This path went to a remarkable and unmovable stunning object structure made with limestone, mortar and pulverized marble with four pillars that is nothing but a Charminar. We were proud to run on the road path while capturing the Charminar, a day light slowly raising its rays on beautiful heritage houses and shopping mall. Early morning the road was very pleasant and empty which never had seen before. 100’s of them running from City College with mouthful of air and found a building with red and white stones in saracenic style is High Court. The High court looks eye-catching from the Naya Pul Bridge

I am getting pain on my knees but the beautiful heritage sites motivating me to run and run and run......:) crossed the Moazzamjahi market and reached to the heart of the city of Hyderabad. Running in front of the white color building surrounded with vegetation trees called Assembly building. Our eyes were attracted on 22-feet tall bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi, in a posture of meditation, was erected in the Assembly premises.    

I was continuing my running putting a lot of pressure on my knees, the body generating heat, sweating, and lungful of air. I have managed to run near to 15 km and decided to walk for some distance and continue again due to terrible pain on my knees. Unluckily, Polluted vehicles were roaming on the road and the Hyderabad heritage sites were hiding by the traffic. Thanks to 10k run voluntary and Hyderabad cycling club (HBC) for water supply and fruits and appreciate to Hyderabad traffic police to clear the path for us to run.  

Pen-and-ink drawing by Philip Meadows Taylor (1808-1876) of the Tombs and Fort at Golconda in Andhra Pradesh, dated circa 1830.
Finally reached to Golconda Fort (built by kakatiya in 13 century) and couldn’t able to run with the pain and walked very fast to the famous Qutb shashi tombs and happily took a medal for the completion of Hyderabad Heritage half Marathon and Bib no: 1766

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