Laknavaram Lake

A true place for true kayaking enthusiasts, funky boaters, wildlife discoverers and nature
Laknavaram Lake

Laknavaram Lake – A place to discover real beauty of nature

We thank GHAC to infinity to bring us all closer to experience the real meaning of Kayaking and Hill Exploration…..

I had visited this place many a times with Great Hyderabad Adventure Club (GHAC) members – all jolly travelers and adventurists with similar frame of mind. I had a lot of fun, kayaking and boating with all equal exuberance….

This beautiful lake lies within Laknavaram village in Govindaraopet Mandal which is much closer to another Mandal called Mulug. It is at a distance of some 80 kms from Warangal and some 190 kms from Hyderabad. The lake was said to have been discovered during Kakatiya dynasty. It is beautifully wrapped up with thick forest trees with hills, coiled all round. Laknavaram Cheruvu is spread over some 10,000 acres acts as a water reservoir too.

The lake has miniature islands, thirteen of all in number, which are scattered considerably at larger distances in amidst lush wilderness. All of these small pieces of land with lake water all around look pearly with lustrous beauty. When morning sun rays filters through the forest trees and fall into the lake, a strikingly beautiful patter of shining streaks of waves can be noticed. Understanding the possibility of the visit of the tourists or the travelers, our tourist department took the initiative and constructed a hanging bridge, which connects the three islands.

GHAC Exploration:

We, GHAC, started our long awaited exploration of the lake and of the area round the surrounding hills the moment we got to the place. We were team of 14 members. We booked our bus from Hyderabad to Laknavaram. Starting our journey for Warangal early in the morning by 7:30 am from Uppal X roads, we had our breakfast and got our lunch packed very earlier so that nobody got late. The way seemed to be too long but it was one of the memorable travelling moments in our life.

Reaching there at Laknavaram Lake, we had to put up our tent, go for kayaking, boating etc. All members were excited. Every possible measure was taken so that everything went on smoothly. The lake is 4kms from the village and the mud-road leading to it presented a challenge for us to walk with all energy. We were travelling there in the hilly areas under the hot sun.

Eventually, the sight of the lake quenched our thirst of the exploration…...

After reaching the lake, we had our lunch first and then got ready for what we were there for. We got ready with our kayaks (inflated to the required degree) and boats and then posed for a few pics for a fellow friend with a camera in his hand. There were two islands which were a bit dried up, perhaps because of summer but the other islands were lively.

Propelling by paddling through the crystal clear water of Laknavaram Lake, we went on longer 
distances. A few of the members went round from island to island while the other adventurers
began swimming and were indulged in other water sports. As I was kayaking for the first time,
so, I was a paddling a bit cautiously and consciously. It took a considerable amount of time to understand the techniques behind propelling etc). The rays of the sun were playing with the
waves of the water. The mingling of the sun rays with the watery waves created a mosaic of
beauty and splendor.

The Andhra Pradesh tourism department has constructed a small suspension bridge connecting some of the islands at Laknavaram. The islands and the water body is a sight to behold specially after the monsoon.

After boating, we set up a camp one of the islands. We were all drenched in water and our group leader assigned the task to members to collect the firewood for night cooking. We really cooked up delicious dinner, flowed by some singing, before we hit the sack.

We woke up early in the morning by 6 am and started trekking in and around Laknavaram. Water was being released through the gates of the small dam and it was a sight to behold. The gates were constructed during the period of Kakatiya era and it is really one of the best places for photography – both still and video. We took a few photographs, capturing views - of birds flying in flocks, flying with all leisure of the worlds, of lethargically moving fog, of monkeys jumping from one tree to another etc.

It was really one of the best adventures we ever had and we want to go back once rains fill up the reservoir.

How to reach: Tourists coming from Warangal direction has to take the NH 202 road towards Mulugu. After crossing Mulugu, drive about 8 kms to the right along the thick forest to reach this place.

Accommodation: There is no accommodation at Laknavaram. Those wishing to stay over can stay in tents, but security can be an issue unless you are travelling as a big group. AP Tourism has cottages at Ramappa Lake near Warangal.


Pritam Pal said...

I went there last weekend and for other who wants to plan here I wrote a details Trip Diary of Laknavaram Trip

Rohith Reddy Pathuri said...

My trip to Laknavaram was amazing..check these links..

Sandeep HN said...


Thanks for posting…

Do you also find some best food courts or restaurants in and around lake?

Also is it feasible to travel with a group of 50 pax in a bus?

Could you please provide me some info on food courts and feasibility of reaching lake by bus?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

@ Sandeep .. there is a newly constructed Haritha Resort at Laknavaram Lake. you can stay over there....yes you can reach by bus. Please visit more at telanganatourisim.

Shiva Reddy said...

nice place to hangout

"laknavaram lake"

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